iPad Manual

Need an iPad Manual ?
A printed version of the iPad Manual is the most easy way there is to learn to use your new iPad.
  • Read the manual in one hand and try what you learn on the iPad with your other hand
  • Giving the iPad as a gift with a user manual will insure your loved ones will learn to use their gift

We are your company that will Print your iPad Manual for you!

The benefits of our printing sevice.

  • Large easy to read print user manual that is 8 1/5 wide by 11" tall
  • Optional Compact size ideal for travel: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • We hole punch each page and bind them tother with comb binding
  • Our manual lays flat for easy hands free reading
  • Quick Shipping: Most of our orders can ship the same day if you order by 9am EST

Too often a manufacture will ship an electronic device to the consumer with a very small manual.

These short manuals are called “getting started guide” or “quick start guides”.

These are just enough to get you started with your new device.   If you are lucky you might get a CD with the full user manual on it, or have to search online for the full user manual.  Even then once you find the instruction guide you will have to print it off.  So there you have it printed off one page per side of the paper.  This turns a 200 page manual into a 400 page manual!  Now you have these 400 pages of paper and you need some way to keep it together.  You go buy a huge 3 ring binder, and proceed to punch the 3 holes into each and every page.  Finally! You get the manual put together, and even then you notice that after a little bit of use the pages start to rip thru the 3 ring binding.

So another option.  Print the pages and take to an office supply company for binding.  Well add the cost of gas, and they huge prices they charge for binding, plus the cost of your paper and ink.  The cost can be will over $30-$40 for a 200 page manual!

With an iPad Printed manual you can get your manual Printed on our laser printers, (not ink that can run).  We print on BOTH SIDES of the paper, so the pages will not have a blank side.  Then our employees bind the pages together with a comb binder.  As a bonus we put heavy card stock that is 110# on the front and back of the manual, to make it last longer!

The iPad can come many different versions are:

  • iPad (original) or the 1st Generation
  • iPad 2 or the 2nd Generation
  • The New iPad or the 3rd Generation

After you find out what version of the iPad you have you need to know the version of the software it has.  Called the iOS.  We have the user manual for every version of iPad and every version of iOS too!  So you will get the directions you need. The different version of the iOS are:

  • iOS 5.1 (most current and most common)
  • iOS 5
  • iOS 4.3
  • iOS 4.2
  • iOS 3.2 (oldest version)

These two above list result in the following manuals (click the links to go to that manual)

The instruction manual for the iPad is available for instant download in PDF version,  for a sample of the user manual you can CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE IPAD MANUAL first few pages for free.

We can offer you the full manual that INCLUDES our custom created iPad Underground Manual at our web site here: http://ManualsInk.com

The iPad Underground Manual is our version of the basic directions you can use to learn the use of your device, it has been written by one of our employees that recently just got the New iPad manual herself.